Me and blessing(a hormy story) part 1

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Me and blessing(a hormy story) part 1

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:15 am

I really must tell u my story,
so tht you can
help me out, in any way you
can. I fell in Love with a Girl
named Blessing,who was a
student of Bankin and
Finance she
graduated from BIU (Benson
Idahosa University), they
were the
class of 2006. I have been
lookin for her, but to no avail,
have always loved her,n I
always will. she is the only girl
keeps troublin my mind, and
the more I try to get her off
mind, the more her thoughts
keep comin back. Blessin, if
u are
a Nairalander, I just want to
let u know that I love u so so
much with my whole heart,
but if u are not, any body
knows her should help me
tell her that Jude loves her
so much.If
u are not readin it today, then
i pray you come across it
someday, This is my story,
It was saturday, the Bini
traditional day on campus, I
was sittin
in my room in my hostel
when I heard the sound of a
song I love so much been
played right in front of the
hostel. I couldn’t help but
come downstairs to listen.
from afar wasnt good
enough for me so I decided
to come
closer to where the whole
action was. I was at the front
of the
girls hostel at the car park to
be precise admiring the song
came to listen, then suddenly
I noticed a girl leaning on
girls back, she was the most
prettiest girl I have ever seen
since I was born,a true
definition of beauty. I could
not help but
stare and admire her, her
beauty was so divine that it
my soul instantly, never in
my life had I thought that a
could capture my heart so
easily, but I was wrong, cos
the love
grew right from inside, I
would have stopped the
feelin even if I
wanted to , but however hard
I try, it was already built up
inside of me.
I was there admiring her
when one of my friend from
faculty came and asked me
to follow him to see his girl
normally, I would have gone,
but the lady of my heart was
standing some yards from
me and I needed to talk to
was so so disturbin that I
should go with him , for a
second I
almost hated him, but I
decided to go with him. After
with him for about a minute,
in the midst of crowds, my
was not with him at all, but
with the angel my eyes
beheld. He
was so engrossed with the
tot of seeing his babe, so he
realized I had left him.


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