How to hack your friend's 2go account

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How to hack your friend's 2go account

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:00 am

1. Having make research on 2go
website, I discovered how to
hack your friend's password with
deducting your money or stress
First make sure the person you
want to hack his 2go password's
phone is with you Then open
your own browser i.e Opera mini
or Uc browser from your phone
then goto http://, Now select
Kenya as your country then in the
next page just click on Get Help
Then in the next page click on I
Forgot My Password/ PIN then
wen it opens just enter your
victim's number in International
format e.g... 2347013101475
then enter. Just wait for some
seconds then you'll receivce the
message with new details in your
victim's phone just enter the
message and copy the new
password then delete the
message for security reasons,
now enter any 2go and insert
your victim's username and the
new password you got then
login... can change his password
to anyone you like Note: If your
victim doesn't wanna leave his
phone.. Try to collect his sim card,
He/She will surely do that..


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