A wedding night sex (a hormy story

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A wedding night sex (a hormy story

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:32 am

Finally, it was all over!
The long awaited day that I and
Jumoke, my newly wedded wife
had been looking forward to. The
days before the wedding had
been extremely hectic. We’d made
plans and arrangements all
month long. We’d fasted and
prayed and gone for various
counseling classes at the church.
We had been prepared for the
wedding day months before it
I’d been so anxious, I had been so
careful so as not to stutter while
saying my vows. My hands
shivered when I slipped Jumoke’s
ring on her finger. She had given
me a knowing look and smiled,
assuring me that all would be
fine. That look that meant we will
be fine, we’ll get through thick
and thin, I never felt better my
whole life. I really wanted to sigh
at the altar but I couldn’t.
We had danced at the reception
and gotten so many gifts that we
couldn’t have carried all that
evening. We had bid goodbye to
our parents and gotten in the
new Toyota Camry my Dad
bought as my wedding gift. We
sat side by side and held our
hands smiling all the way to the
new house Jumoke’s Mom had
built for her daughter as her
wedding gift. We were both very
happy. We loved each other so
much. We couldn’t wait to start
our family.
As we got closer to home, I
wondered how the rest of the
evening was going to be. In the 7
months I’d known Jumoke, we
had hardly kissed. She was quite
the devoted Christian sister in our
church and had devoted her life to
the work of God. Every time she
had come to my apartment,
despite my attempts to lure her
into spending the night with me,
she had refused. She said she was
keeping herself till marriage like a
true Christian should do.
Despite my cajoling, she never did
give me a chance to know her
better without any clothes on.
Always fully clothed when around
my apartment. We kissed a few
times, but never the deep or
passionate ones. I hadn’t kissed
my new bride 3 months before
we got married. She had talked
about us being in a sacred and
holy mood before we got joined
in matrimony. I used to be a sex
freak, although I toned down a bit
on my urges. I shouldn’t have
gone this far with Jumoke. If it
was any other lady, I would have
ended it. But Jumoke was
different. I trusted her and I still
When we got to the house, I
shared a few words with Mike, the
guy who had drove us home
before he returned to join the
others at the reception venue.
Then I helped Jumoke hold her
flowing gown as we walked into
the living room. We were both
quiet. I put on the television to
kill the silence and tuned the DSTV
to the God music channel as
gospel music filled the room. I
asked her if she needed help
getting out of the gown but she
said she’ll be fine. I said, okay and
watched her enter into the
bathroom and close the door. I
reduced the volume of the TV,
locked the front door and sat on
the sofa. So many things were
going through my head.
Now we were married, so the sex
will finally happen right? What if
it doesn’t? What if she’s the type
that hates sex? Mahn, that will be
I had already started to consider
my other options if my wife had a
near-zero sexual libido when
mine was always almost at its
You would cheat on your new
wife? You fool! This is the reason
while you should have tried
harder to do her before you
wedded her. You have gone and
gotten yourself stuck with a damn
I kept thinking. I didn’t want to be
the type of husband who would
always ask his wife for sex. I
didn’t want to bug her about it. I
didn’t want it to be an issue
between us. An issue that could
make her take report me to her
parents. Now that would be very
embarrassing and aw…
“Honey, I want you to Bleep me.”
I heard somewhere behind me.
At first I thought I was dreaming,
then I looked to my right and saw
Jumoke standing totally Unclad by
the door to the bedroom. My jaw
dropped and my Attention kick
started like I had taken some
form of Alomo or Ogidiga or the
both mixed. Her body glistened
with water she just bathed with.
Her boobs looked glorious, with
those Tips looking inviting, the
areola stared back at me with full
confidence The flare of her hips
was magnificent. The dark spot
between her thighs were shaven
and calling to me. I thought this
day would never come.
She saw how awe struck I was
and repeated those magic words.
“I want you to Bleep me so hard
right now. Come on” She said
without missing a bit, dead
serious about it.
I pushed myself out of the sofa
and ran towards my lovely new
wife. I grabbed her waist and
planted a kiss on her lips. Her
hand had already gone down my
crotch and grabbed my dick,
smooching my crotch. She kissed
me with that passion I longed for,
her tongue wrestling with mine,
grabbing my crotch
“Take off your clothes please” I
dutifully did as I was told and got
rid of my wedding suit like it was
ridded with soldier ants. We were
both Unclad as we stood right
there in the living room. My hands
rubbed all over her wet body. I
grabbed that massive ass that I
had wanted to grab for so long.
With both hands, I lifted her up
and made her cross her feet
around my back then I held my
rod and tried to insert into her.
She hissed and whispered that I
go in gently.
“You’re a virgin?” I asked, my
heart beating at an incredulous
“No” she replied. With a soft
smile. “but its been so long that I
almost feel like one”
We both laughed, then I carried
her to the bedroom and gently
placed her on the king-sized bed.
It had been made for this
occasion, with red sheets and
plenty soft pillows. Her Mom was
behind it, I knew. I proceeded to
do to her something I’d always
wanted to do. I planted her inner
thighs with soft kisses.
She moaned softly, knowing what
was coming next. The moment
my tongue found the sweet
tasting lips of her cooch, slowing
licking my way to her femalecore,
she brought her legs together and
squirmed, trying to push me away
and drag me in at the same time.
Her moans increased, her body
shivered as I sucked her deeper
and harder, putting much work
into pleasing her.
She wailed and called my name,
screaming the Lord’s name while
she creamed. Her juices filled
mouth and I sucked harder, and
even harder. Till a point she could
hardly take it anymore then I held
my dick and guided it into her
Jumoke wailed once more,
grabbed my body and hugged me
tight as I dug deep into her in
traditional missionary style. Her
cooch was stupidly wet, warm
and sweet. She urged me in with
the move of her hips, I completely
lost the look of the prayer warrior
she was during the vigils to who
she is now, wailing and moaning
intensely. She would grab the
bed-sheet and drag it towards
her. I kissed her face as tears
poured from her eyes. She
moaned, and hissed and told me
how much she loved me.
I told her how much I loved her
too. I felt my climax approaching
and I closed my eyes and let it
take over me, slamming hard
against her. I inserted my dick
deep into her orifice and blasted
my cum into her. Our bodies
entangled in love and sweat. She
held onto me as my thrusts
became slower. Then I lay beside
her on the bed and we kissed
again, even with more passion
than before.
I looked into Jumoke’s eyes. She
looked into mine. She was so
beautiful. Her smile made her
even prettier.
“You were surprised when I told
you to Bleep me. Why?” Jumoke
asked me
“Uhh, I wasn’t sure I had heard
you correctly. I never thought you
could….” I said but was cut short
“say such a word?” I smiled.
She chuckled. “So my new
husband doesn’t know everything
about me like he’s supposed to”
“Well, I’m hoping you will show
me more” I said and kissed her.
“Of course. We have a long night
ahead of us, Mister.”
With that she got on top of me
and directed my newly charged
dick into her soft wet coochie.
My wedding night was a glorious


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