the man and a cob

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the man and a cob

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:56 pm

Joke: Late one night a man is
driving down the road,
speeding quite a bit. A cop
notices how fast he is going
and pulls him over. The cop
says to the man, "Are you
aware of how fast you were
The man replies, "Yes I am.
I'm trying to escape a
robbery I got involved in."
The cop gives him a skeptical
look and says, "Were you the
one being robbed?"
The man casually replies,
"No, I committed the
The cop looks shocked that
the man admitted this. "So
you're telling me you were
speeding...AND committed a
"Yes," the man calmly says.
"I have the loot in the back."
The cop begins to get angry.
"Sir, I'm afraid you have to
come with me." The cop
reaches in the window to
subdue the man.
"Don't do that!" the man
yells fearfully. "I'm scared
you will find the gun in my
glove compartment!" The
cop pulls his hand out. "Wait
here," he says.
The cop calls for backup.
Soon cops, cars, and
helicopters are flooding the
area. The man is cuffed
quickly and taken towards a
car. However, before he gets
in, a cop walks up to him
and says, while gesturing to
the cop that pulled him over,
"Sir, this officer informed us
that you had committed a
robbery, had stolen loot in
the trunk of your car, and
had a loaded gun in your
glove compartment.
However, we found none of
these things in your car."
The man replies, "Yeah, and I
bet that liar said I was
speeding too!"


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