Six set of funny akpos jokes

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Six set of funny akpos jokes

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:30 am

A Warri tenant walked in & saw
his landlord’s son trying to
commit suicide & a brief
conversation ensued:
Tenant: Akpos! Wetin you de do
Akpos: I dey try commit suicide,
as Papa dey always complain
say my life dey worthless!
Tenant: That one no good now…
but why you come tie de rope
for your waist?
Akpos: Bros, no be small thing o!
I bin tie de rope for neck, I
Bad Mood
Akpos sat in a bar and was very
moody. Soni goes over and asks;
‘Akpos, wetin happen?’.
A very sad looking Akpos
replied: ‘I borrow Rukewe
N2million to do facial surgery,
and now I no fit recognize am to
collect my money back.
Letter Bomb!
Two boko Haram boys, Habib &
Akpo are making letter bombs.
Habib: “I’m not sure whether I
put enough explosive in this
envelope before I sealed it.”
Akpo: “Well, then open it and
Habib: “But if I open it, it will
Akpos: “Don’t be stupid – it’s not
addressed to you!
Today’s lesson at school is
Animal science
Teacher:wot is a baby lizard
Akpos: a baby lizard is called
The Exam
During the exam, Akpors kept
looking under the table, then he
would write on the answer
sheet. His teacher saw him doing
that & thought he was copying.
When collecting the paper after
the exam..
Teacher: I’m gonna minus 10
Akpors: Hiiaaa!! Why sir?
Teacher: For copying.
Akpors: How do you know that I
was copying?
Teacher: I saw you looking
under the table.
Akpors: *laughing* Question 9
Akpos Papa
Papa Akpos :- My pikin say you
drive am commot for school,
Wetin he do???
Akpos’ Teacher :- Your son no
know book at all, He no fit spell
” LION ”
Papa Akpos :- Ah Ah…You know
say na SMALL pikin……You for tell
am make he spell SMALL ANIMAL


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