Story of a desprate naija boy

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Story of a desprate naija boy

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:43 am

i have this guy that is supposed to
be my friend but i am having
second thoughts about him now.
when we met initially, i thought
he was really level headed. we
met in January and we became
very close friends. we started
hanging out a lot and got used to
being seen together.after our year
was up in the student
accommodation we were staying,
we moved into a 3 bedroom
house together with a third
on a dreadful day like that, he
brought a chinese girl home and
after the girl left around 12
midnight, i confronted him on
why he had to bring a girl home
seeing that it was not fair on me
(though there was never any
official asking out). he said that
after all i wasn't his girlfriend. that
he did not come to the UK to date
another Nigerian girl and that he
had to know what a non-nigerian
a-r$e feels like. at the end of the
day, he said this is the one time
he has to hurt me as he has made
up his mind. after chatting
rubbish to the girl asking if she is
a virgin (on the second day of
meeting her) in a not-so-subtle
manner, the girl told him off.
he resorted to looking on dating
websites like tagged to find girls.
he eventually found one that
gave him her number and the first
thing he did was to give her the
address of our place and the girl
started asking him for plenty
alcohol and drugs (he doesn't do
drugs but the girl wants him to
buy for her). now something of a
drug overdose has happened to
the girl and the police have
started visiting our house.
i really feel like ignoring him now
since he was not even sensitive in
the first place. i think it serves him


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